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Saturday Splurge vs. Steal


Face Scrub

Few weeks ago I talked about body scrub so this week I am going to talk about face scrub.  It helps exfoliate all the dead, dry skin on the surface to bring out the bright, beautiful skin underneath.  Below are my recommendation of one splurge and one steal scrub.

Steal – Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

For $7 you can find this scrub at any drugstore and good for all skin types.  The tube is medium but holds a lot, it lasts a while.  It’s soap free so won’t dry out skin or feel skin pulling after use.  The beads are small and smooth; you feel it working but they won’t scratch or irritate the skin.  Overall a great product at a fantastic price, recessionista recommended!

Splurge – Origins Never A Dull Moment Skin-Brightening Skin Polisher

It costs $27 for  a 4.2 oz tube but you need very small amount and only use three times a weeks, so it’ll last a while.  It’s good on all skin types and it’s also soap free which means no drying or pulling feeling.  The beads are smooth but not as smooth as Aveeno’s, you can definitely feel it but it won’t hurt or scratch the skin.  After a month of use, I got compliments from my friend about how bright and smooth my face looks.   Even with the hefty price, I keep going back to this one cause it’s so good.  Definitely Splurge Approved!!



Friday Fab Finds


By now I am sure you all know the benefits of wearing sunscreen and harmful results of NOT using it, you know wrinkles, moles, sun spots and cancer. I first became really aware of suns harmful rays during my college days and since then have been using moisturizers with at least SPF35. But recently I cranked up my routine a bit and wear sunscreen after my face cream EVERYDAY, even make my husband wear it, lol. I also specifically buy and wear make up with at least SPF15.

Having acne-prone skin makes it difficult to buy sunscreen, because most tend to be so oily that it causes more breakouts. At the recommendation of my esthetician, I tried the Elta MD UV Clear SPF46 made for acne-prone skin. It’s not too greasy (but it does make skin look a little oily), pea sized amount goes a long way and it never caused a single pimple. The bottle is not too big but it lasts a while; I use it everyday and a bottle lasts me at least five to six months. So, if you are looking for a good sunscreen that won’t make you breakout, try the Elta MD and start enjoying the sunshine again. Happy shopping & TGIF!!


Friday Fab Finds


Anti-Aging skin care regime

Yes, I will go there because now that I am nearing 30s, I am definitely seeing lines on my face that I swear wasn’t there couple of years ago. I wake up everyday and study my face to make sure there isn’t a new line, can you say paranoid, lol! I started using anti-aging creams and serums when I first saw the lines around my mouth. I tried the extremely overpriced ones and also the drugstore ones but none worked better than the Ole Henriksen.

I bought the seven skincare sensation package to try for $55 after I heard good things about his products. I have been using the products for two months and noticed how soft my skin feels, the dark spots are diminishing, skin looks bright and no new lines!!

You may think $55 for skin care is not a fab find but you get seven of his most popular products in mini version with an instruction on daily routine. Though the packaging is small but by no means do you get small amount of products. There is enough to last for months because you don’t need to use a lot, so it lasts; I have been using my first purchase for two months and still have lots left to go. I also like the TSA friendly packaging that means I don’t have to worry too much about how to carry my creams, just throw it in my purse and go. So, if you are looking for s great anti-aging routine, then try out the Ole Henriksen Seven Skincare Sensation and finally end the wrinkle inducing stress of searching.

This set contains:
- 1.5 oz African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser™
- 0.25 oz Ultimate Lift™ Eye Gel
- 0.5 oz Truth Revealed™ Super Crème SPF 15
- 0.5 oz Truth Serum™ Collagen Booster
- 0.5 oz Sheer Transformation™
- 0.5 oz Invigorating Night Gel™
- 0.5 oz Walnut Complexion Scrub


What-To-Do Wednesday: Natural Makeup Routine


What are the steps for natural everyday makeup?

I am always looking through YouTube videos to find easy and simple ways to do natural makeup for everyday. Here are few that I really like and thought I share with you. Enjoy!!






These are the two I follow when I go to a daytime event like showers or birthday parties, both with Urban Decay’s Naked pallet. If you don’t have the pallets, you can use any combo of gold/bronze/dark brown shadow you have.


Sunday Recap: OOTW


OOTW 8/6/12-8/10/12

Recap time!!

Monday – top & skirt H & M. (old), earrings, necklace and bracelet BaublrBar (not available), sandals Steve Madden (old)
Tuesday – polo & jeans Abercrombie & Fitch (old), earrings BaubleBar (available now),sandals Bakers (old)
Wednesday – shirt H & M (old), shorts Express (old), earrings BaubleBar (available now), necklace & bracelet BaubleBar (not available), shoes H & M (available in select stores)
Thursday – top H & M (old), khaki Gap (old), earrings BaubleBar (not available), wedge sandals Payless (available now)
Friday – top & pants H & M (old),earrings BaubleBar (available now), necklace Gorjana (available now), bangles Afaze (old), shoes Steve Madden (old)

Saturday Splurge vs. Steal


My body has dry skin so I always have to put on moisturizer, no matter how hot and humid the temperature, and must scrub my body at least once a week.  Over the years I have used many different brands and below is my recommendation and opinion.


Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

My Opinon:

  • Love the fragrance
  • Sugar beads are soft on skin
  • Sugar beads does melt if you continue to scrub
  • Leaves skin soft but a little greasy
  • I don’t like the oily residue
  • Best of use in the winter season; you can even skip lotion if you want
  • Comes in a big tub so lasts a while
  • Different versions of this polish is not available but you can easily make it at home (see below)
  • Price is ridiculous: $65 for one tub

Final thought:

The price is too much for just a scrub,anyone can make an at home version for themselves for much cheaper



The Body Shop’s Olive Body Scrub   

My Opinion:

  • Fragrance is light but i don’t really like it
  • Crushed walnut shells and olive stones are soft on skin
  • Crushed shells & stones does not melt but is not harsh on skin
  • Leaves skin soft and not greasy
  • Leaves no oily residue but skin does not feel dry
  • Best for use all year long but will need to use oil/lotion in winter after scrubbing
  • Comes in a medium tube but lasts a while
  • Price is good: $19 & they always have coupons or buy one get one sale

Final thought:

It’s a great scrub for the price; it keeps skin flake free and healthy looking and can be used any season.

If you want to do your own version of the sugar scrub, then follow the instructions below. Inexpensive but effective and it makes a great gift.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub



  • 1 cup Dark Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil, can substitute Sweetened Almond Oil or Vegetable Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Vitamin E (cut open Vitamin E liquid gel caps)
  • 1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract , optional (or your favorite citrus essential oil)
  • 1 tablespoon honey, optional for dry skin

In a medium mixing bowl, combine oil, vitamin E and vanilla. Add the brown sugar and mix well and you have yourself a great, at home scrub.


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