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What-To-Do Wednesday: Ponytails


While my hubby and I both like my long hair, I don’t like to leave it down often.  I usually have it in a bun or pony but the same old ponytail everyday gets so boring.  So, I use some fun twist occasionally to keep my style fresh and thought I share.








What-to-do Wednesday: Hair Braids


What braids should you try this week?

Last week I posted some videos of simple hair buns for summer.  This week I am staying with the hair theme and posting some YouTube videos of hair braids.  My hair is somewhat long and I don’t really like to leave it down often because it tangles easily.  In the summer time, I almost always have my hair either on a bun or braided.  So, I thought you guys might like to try some of these out.  These tutorials are easy, breezy and so much fun!!  I posted seven different ones for you guys to try; one for every day of the week all from Luxy’s channel because I find their tutorials easy to follow and you don’t need a ton of stuff to recreate the looks.  Enjoy and let me know which one of these is your favorite!

  1.  Fishtail braid – my absolute favorite, I do this all the time

  2. Knotted braid

  3. Criss Cross braid

  4. Four Strand braid – keep repeating up & down and you won’t forget the steps

  5. Five Strand braid

  6. Regular braid w/a micro braid (video look # 1)

  7. Rope braid

What to do Wednesday – Hair Buns!!


What hair styles are good to beat the heat?

Summer time is the hardest time for me to manage my hair and I am sure for you guys as well. Between the heat, humidity and sweat our hair can be a frizzy mess…ugh!!! Who wants to stand under the hot air of a blow dryer everyday in this heat? What to do? Well, hair buns of course! But doing the same old bun everyday gets so boring which is why I scoured YouTube and found these gems for you; wet & dry hair buns that can be done in less than ten minutes and can be worn casually for day or dressed up for night (add some sparkly pins), genius! Try them out and give your hair, yourself and your blow drier a much need time off.








Saturday Splurge vs. Steal


This week’s splurge vs. steal will be about deep conditioner.  I have very fine and frizzy hair which is a victim of breakage and split ends.  Over the years I have tried various deep conditioners from both drugstores and department stores until finally I found one that works and I love!!  So, now my routine is to put coconut oil every time I shampoo and once a week I do deep conditioning resulting in less split ends and frizz; my hair is more manageable and since the split ends are less, I can grow it longer, yay!

Below are my recommendation and opinion on the drugstore brand and department store brand.

Drugstore brand:

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

  • about $6 and can be purchased at any drugstore
  • the package is fairly big, a lot of product comes in that tub
  • I like the packaging because you can see how much is left and get every last bit out
  • only need to use a little bit so product lasts a while
  • has light and fresh smell, I liked it
  • I used it once a week but instead of leaving for 3 to 5 minutes, I left it on about 15 minutes
  • my hair felt soft and after straightening, it looked very glossy
  • but when I air dried it, my hair look frizzy and was flat
  • after using it for a month and a half, I didn’t notice any change in the amount of split ends I was getting and my hair was still frizzy
  • didn’t notice any dramatic difference in the length of my hair, it grew but very little

Final thoughts:

Although, I liked the packaging as well as fragrance of the conditioner plus my hair did feel soft and looked shiny, I still got the same amount of frizz and split ends along with flatness as I did before I started using this conditioner.  My hair wasn’t more manageable and it didn’t grow that much.  Even though the price is great, it’s not worth the $6.

Department store brand:

Ojon Dry Recovery Intensive Hydrating 2-Minute Hair Mask

  • $29.50 and can be purchased at Sephora or any department stores that carries Ojon
  • the packing is fairly big and a lot of products comes in the tub
  • again, I like the packing because you see how much product is left and use every last bit
  • only need to use little bit so it lasts a while
  • it has a light scent, but I don’t really like it
  • I use it once a week and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes
  • my hair feels soft and looks glossy
  • even after I air dried it, my hair had noticeably less frizz but was flat
  • after a month of use, I noticed that my hair is less frizzy and I had very, very few split ends
  • it’s helping my hair grow longer faster

Final thoughts:

Although, I don’t like the way my hair smells and it makes my hair flat plus the price is high, it is helping my hair grow long and soft with less frizz.  My hair looks and feels much healthier so I feel like the $29.50 is worth it because it does what it promises.  It’s a great conditioner, $30 for an at home treatment like this is way better than hundreds and hundreds dollars you will spend going to salon for treatments.

Let me know, in the comments below, what you think about these conditioners if you have used them or any other ones that you think I should try.

What-To-Do Wednesday – Coconut Oil


What oil is good for your hair?

If you are a woman of the 21st century, then I am sure at some point in your life you have abused your hair with some heat styling, coloring or even worse – perming!!! Well, while you can’t bring the health of your hair back to its ‘virgin’ days, you can do a bit of damage control with hair oil, specifically coconut oil.

I am sure if you grew up in a Desi home, you know that hair oil is a must for all girls and a staple on every woman’s vanity; all the women in my family swear by it. There are tons of different oils out there and while they are all good, I still find myself coming back to coconut oil over and over.

Benefits of coconut oil are that it prevents hair loss, has Vitamin E to keep your scalp healthy, has high moisture retention capability so it prevents breakage, the various fatty acid in the oil acts as anti-dandruff and from my personal experience, it reduces split ends and is the reason why my hair was so dark black (I colored it, guilty, but it’s still dark) and glossy.

It can be very oily so only take a teaspoon and to put it on your ends and then wash thoroughly. Please do not put it on your scalp; it will make your hair very greasy. I usually heat it up in the microwave and then put on my hair and wait for about 10 to 20 minutes before washing it off. You can buy organic coconut oil in condensed form at any health store or condensed and liquid form in any Indian/Bangladeshi store. It’s very cheap and since you only have to use little at a time, it lasts for a while.

So, if you can’t afford a deep conditioning treatment at Oscar Blandi or Frederic Fekkai every two weeks, then try out this cheaper option. I know you will love, see, and feel the benefits in no time.


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