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What-To-Do Wednesday: Ponytails


While my hubby and I both like my long hair, I don’t like to leave it down often.  I usually have it in a bun or pony but the same old ponytail everyday gets so boring.  So, I use some fun twist occasionally to keep my style fresh and thought I share.








Friday Fab Finds


Hair Straightener

Sometimes a girl just wants to wear her hair straight, you know, keep it simple!  Well if you have hair like mine, frizzy, unruly, curly and long, then you might spend TWO hours, like me, to get your hair straight.  I have to first blow dry my hair, which takes an hour if I actually want it somewhat straight, and then I have to use a straightener to finally get it pin straight and smooth out my hair, which takes another hour.  Summer days are the most difficult for me to get and keep my hair straight; with the humidity and sweat for being under the hot air of the blow dryer, my hair goes back to being curly almost as soon as I get it straight…ugh!!!  So, after years of fighting with myself about getting the wet to dry straighteners because I thought they damage hair more, I finally gave in.  I realized that the damage is kind of the same as using blow dryer + flat iron but I spend half the time, only an hour to get straight hair, yay!!  Now, I am not saying you use this method of straightening your hair everyday because it is harmful, but when you do want straight hair, it’s a great time saver.  I usually straighten my hair and don’t wash it for at least two days.  No, it’s not gross, washing hair too often strips hair of natural oil and you can always use dry shampoo to keep your locks fresh.

I use Remington Wet to Straight 1” Straightener; its slim, heats up fast, automatically shuts down if not in use for 15 minutes, have different heat settings so you can get your perfect temperature and it dries and flattens my hair fast.  It’s a FAB FIND because you are only spending about $25 for one item rather than buy a hair dryer for $25 to $30 AND a flat iron for $25 (total $50+!!) and it’s an amazing time saver for busy girls everywhere.  Below are some retailers where you can get one for yourself or your favorite girl.  Happy shopping and TGIF!!





What-to-do Wednesday: Hair Braids


What braids should you try this week?

Last week I posted some videos of simple hair buns for summer.  This week I am staying with the hair theme and posting some YouTube videos of hair braids.  My hair is somewhat long and I don’t really like to leave it down often because it tangles easily.  In the summer time, I almost always have my hair either on a bun or braided.  So, I thought you guys might like to try some of these out.  These tutorials are easy, breezy and so much fun!!  I posted seven different ones for you guys to try; one for every day of the week all from Luxy’s channel because I find their tutorials easy to follow and you don’t need a ton of stuff to recreate the looks.  Enjoy and let me know which one of these is your favorite!

  1.  Fishtail braid – my absolute favorite, I do this all the time

  2. Knotted braid

  3. Criss Cross braid

  4. Four Strand braid – keep repeating up & down and you won’t forget the steps

  5. Five Strand braid

  6. Regular braid w/a micro braid (video look # 1)

  7. Rope braid

What to do Wednesday – Hair Buns!!


What hair styles are good to beat the heat?

Summer time is the hardest time for me to manage my hair and I am sure for you guys as well. Between the heat, humidity and sweat our hair can be a frizzy mess…ugh!!! Who wants to stand under the hot air of a blow dryer everyday in this heat? What to do? Well, hair buns of course! But doing the same old bun everyday gets so boring which is why I scoured YouTube and found these gems for you; wet & dry hair buns that can be done in less than ten minutes and can be worn casually for day or dressed up for night (add some sparkly pins), genius! Try them out and give your hair, yourself and your blow drier a much need time off.








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