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What-To-Do Wednesday: Morning Routine

What are the steps to a fast morning routine?

I always seem to wake up late so my morning routine is super rushed; I stick to my tried and true five minutes skin care routine.  If you are like me, then follow the steps below to make your mornings good and fast ones.

1. Wash face – massage face with cleanser in circular motion.  I use Clarisonic for about a minute.  1:00 (minute marks)

2. Rinse face with cool water and pat dry, takes about 15 seconds.  1:15

3. Apply toner and wait for it to dry and while you wait pat some eye cream on, I would say the whole thing takes about 45 secs.  2:00

4. Apply serum and wait for it to soak in, I give it a minute.  3:00

6. Apply moisturizer on and wait for it to soak in, I give a little more than a minute. 4:30

7.  Apply Sunscreen. It takes 30 secs, make sure it’s at least SPF35, and that’s it for the skin care routine.  5:00


What To Do Wednesday – Hyaluronic Acid


What to use to on your face to retain moisture?

Skin + Moisture = Healthy, Youthful and Beautiful appearance
As we grow older, our skin starts to get drier making it easier for wrinkles to show up causing us to look older than we are.  What to do?  Well, worry no more because scientists have finally found the fountain of youth* that is Hyaluronic acid, to rescue us from the horrors of fine line and wrinkles.  Let’s talk a little more about what HA actually is.

What is HA?
Don’t be alarmed or scared because it’s an acid; it doesn’t act like any other acid and won’t burn, peel or sting your face.  Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally found and created in our body; it’s in almost every single cell.  Its molecules bind with water and helps lubricate our body, however, its half life is only one to three days before it exits our system.  To help bring this wonderful lubricant back to our skin, scientists have created HA serums/creams for us to use topically and dermatologists also have fillers to plump up those wrinkles.

What are the benefits of HA?
HA Serum: helps moisturize our skin tremendously, it also acts as a barrier which smoothes the skin giving us an instant (temporary) face lift.  Because it bonds so well with water, it is easily absorbed into our skin.  It’s not greasy and is completely fragrance free; so, even people with the most sensitive skin can use it.  HA serum can’t reverse the fine lines and wrinkles you already have but can soften their appearance and should be used as a preventive measure.

HA fillers: because it naturally occurs in our body, HA fillers can be injected into our skin with minimum side effects because our body doesn’t see it as foreign.  HA fillers are safe and easy to use and they work well.  Most importantly, they are reversible so if you decide you don’t want the filler anymore, your dermatologist can give you an anecdote and within hours, it will be gone.

What do I think of HA?
I have only used the HA serum and from my personal use, it absorbed into the skin in about five minutes and left my skin moisturized throughout the winter weather in NY without any peeling, breakouts or that pulling feeling.  I wore it at night and woke up with soft and supple skin in the morning. My make up application was much smoother and lasted longer because my skin was hydrated.  I did (and always do) used sunscreen during the day and a separate eye cream; you should too if you are using or planning to use HA serum.
Where can you purchase HA?
Amazon (steal)
Bioelements Moisture X10 (splurge)

Let me know what you think about HA.  If you have used it, what are your reactions to it?

*HA is dubbed as the fountain though it has not been scientifically proven yet


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