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What-To-Do Wednesday: Morning Routine

What are the steps to a fast morning routine?

I always seem to wake up late so my morning routine is super rushed; I stick to my tried and true five minutes skin care routine.  If you are like me, then follow the steps below to make your mornings good and fast ones.

1. Wash face – massage face with cleanser in circular motion.  I use Clarisonic for about a minute.  1:00 (minute marks)

2. Rinse face with cool water and pat dry, takes about 15 seconds.  1:15

3. Apply toner and wait for it to dry and while you wait pat some eye cream on, I would say the whole thing takes about 45 secs.  2:00

4. Apply serum and wait for it to soak in, I give it a minute.  3:00

6. Apply moisturizer on and wait for it to soak in, I give a little more than a minute. 4:30

7.  Apply Sunscreen. It takes 30 secs, make sure it’s at least SPF35, and that’s it for the skin care routine.  5:00


Friday Fab Finds


By now I am sure you all know the benefits of wearing sunscreen and harmful results of NOT using it, you know wrinkles, moles, sun spots and cancer. I first became really aware of suns harmful rays during my college days and since then have been using moisturizers with at least SPF35. But recently I cranked up my routine a bit and wear sunscreen after my face cream EVERYDAY, even make my husband wear it, lol. I also specifically buy and wear make up with at least SPF15.

Having acne-prone skin makes it difficult to buy sunscreen, because most tend to be so oily that it causes more breakouts. At the recommendation of my esthetician, I tried the Elta MD UV Clear SPF46 made for acne-prone skin. It’s not too greasy (but it does make skin look a little oily), pea sized amount goes a long way and it never caused a single pimple. The bottle is not too big but it lasts a while; I use it everyday and a bottle lasts me at least five to six months. So, if you are looking for a good sunscreen that won’t make you breakout, try the Elta MD and start enjoying the sunshine again. Happy shopping & TGIF!!


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