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This week’s treat is all about snacking!!  Yes, snacking in between your meals is not only healthy and can help you lose weight but is urged by dieticians and nutritionists.  In fact, research has shown that people who eat more frequently throughout the day, eat nutritious food not binge on junk food, weigh less that people who don’t eat as often.

Eating regularly keeps blood-sugar and energy level steady, controls hunger which prevents us from making bad food decisions (like eating cookies, guilty).  Also, when you are eating healthy snacks, your body burns the “right” food for energy all day which increases metabolism and helps burn more calories, resulting in a healthy, slim body.  So, don’t skip on snacking just because you are dieting or over eat because you are bored/worried/depressed.  Listen to your body’s signals and feed it with the right snacks at the right time. Not only will it keep you full and happy, it’ll help you reach your goal weight even faster.

Below are some healthy snacks for you to try that I broke down into two categories: city stunners (for anyone with a busy on-the-go routine) and heavenly homies (for those lazy days at home watching movies all day).  Remember, snacks should always be less than 200 calories.

City Stunners:

  1. Raw, unsalted almonds (measure it to about a small child’s handful, 21 almonds is 150 calories) or pumpkin seeds
  2. Pear and string cheese
  3. Plain Greek yogurt with agave nectar (or little bit of honey) with blueberries or strawberries
  4. Apples with little bit of cinnamon powder (I like this).  You can also eat with 1 tbsp of peanut butter.
  5. Olives (about 7) and one slice of Swiss cheese
  6. A glass of fat-free chocolate milk (my most favorite snack)
  7. A banana with snack sized cottage cheese – try a low fat option
  8. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans – but this one is tricky, limit yourself to a handful
  9. Kashi Chewy Granola Bars
  10. Quaker Instant Oatmeal


Heavenly Homies:

  1. Popcorn – try the fat-free ones; Orville has good options
  2. Hummus and veggies – try it with cucumbers and carrots (or celery if you eat it)
  3. One whole grain cracker (try Kashi), split it in two and spread low calorie cheese like Skinny Cow and top it with sliced cucumbers or grapes
  4. Guacamole with veggies – scoop out the seeds of cucumber or zucchini and fill it in with guacamole and munch away
  5. Edamame – I like mine steamed but you can also eat the frozen one if you prefer something crunchy.
  6. Halve a cup of cherry tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil and enjoy
  7. Strawberries and 3 tbsp of fat-free Cool Whip
  8. The ever popular PB&J but swap white bread with whole grain or wheat bread with one tbsp of peanut butter and two tbsp of jelly.
  9. Pretzels, try Snyder’s Organic Whole Wheat Sticks, with one teaspoon of French’s Honey Mustard.
  10. Sweet potato & cinnamon yogurt – microwave a medium sized sweet potato in the microwave then top it off with plain, nonfat yogurt and sprinkle of cinnamon.

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