What-To-Do Wednesday – Coconut Oil


What oil is good for your hair?

If you are a woman of the 21st century, then I am sure at some point in your life you have abused your hair with some heat styling, coloring or even worse – perming!!! Well, while you can’t bring the health of your hair back to its ‘virgin’ days, you can do a bit of damage control with hair oil, specifically coconut oil.

I am sure if you grew up in a Desi home, you know that hair oil is a must for all girls and a staple on every woman’s vanity; all the women in my family swear by it. There are tons of different oils out there and while they are all good, I still find myself coming back to coconut oil over and over.

Benefits of coconut oil are that it prevents hair loss, has Vitamin E to keep your scalp healthy, has high moisture retention capability so it prevents breakage, the various fatty acid in the oil acts as anti-dandruff and from my personal experience, it reduces split ends and is the reason why my hair was so dark black (I colored it, guilty, but it’s still dark) and glossy.

It can be very oily so only take a teaspoon and to put it on your ends and then wash thoroughly. Please do not put it on your scalp; it will make your hair very greasy. I usually heat it up in the microwave and then put on my hair and wait for about 10 to 20 minutes before washing it off. You can buy organic coconut oil in condensed form at any health store or condensed and liquid form in any Indian/Bangladeshi store. It’s very cheap and since you only have to use little at a time, it lasts for a while.

So, if you can’t afford a deep conditioning treatment at Oscar Blandi or Frederic Fekkai every two weeks, then try out this cheaper option. I know you will love, see, and feel the benefits in no time.

Info: organicfacts.net

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5 Responses to “What-To-Do Wednesday – Coconut Oil”

  1. I have got quite long hair and i want to grow it a lot longer coz I enjoy very long hair, but because i used a lot of chemicals and heat (straighteners etc) it has weakened my hair and today i got a small tiny bald area at the front of my head. What can I do?

    • JP says:

      Hi Felix, I am sure by now you have stopped using chemicals and heat styling but if you haven’t, please do so ASAP. Give your hair a break and go natural for a month (believe me your hair will thank you). Shampoo your hair twice a week because overwashing can strip your hair off the natural oil. Use the coconut oil treatment before every shampoo and deep condition it after (Neutrogena and Garnier Fructis have great options). The days that you are not washing your hair with shampoo, use a regular conditioner (I like Garnier triple nutrition) to help prevent split ends which will help you grow your hair longer. Lastly, you must change your diet and start eating more veggies, salmon, nuts, and low-fat dairy. If you are still not seeing any results, then it may be something more serious so make an appointment with your dermatologist and have him/her give you scalp analysis. Thanks for the questions and checking out my blog! I hope to hear from you again in the future and keep me posted on your progress.

      • Gantsatsral says:

        Love it! You look fantastic! Doesn’t it feel sooloo good to have short hair? My new cut is a little similar to yours but I got bangs this time and hate them.Trishb4s last [type] ..

    • Karolina says:

      Oh, I love it! It looks great and like it’s really easy to style and take care of. I pllricutaray like the first picture, as it shows some of the body that the cut gives you. Also, the color looks great! Thanks for posting pictures!zibileeb4s last [type] ..

  2. [...] department stores until finally I found one that works and I love!!  So, now my routine is to put coconut oil every time I shampoo and once a week I do deep conditioning resulting in less split ends and frizz; [...]

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